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Christy Woods

British Romance Narrator

Christy Woods is a British Earphones Award-winning narrator. She has narrated 95 Audiobooks with major publishers from her home studio in Los Angeles. She has been nominated for SOVAS and Audie Awards. This page is a quick look at some featured samples. For all current titles take a look at Audible.

1st Person Explicit Love Scene. Fiction.

3rd Person Male POV
Regency Romance

3rd Person
Medieval FF Romance

Home: Music
Black Fabric

Home Studio

 My home studio is custom built, fully decoupled and sound treated. I used mass loaded vinyl to ensure the noise of the outside world wouldn't interrupt recording. The result is a wonderfully quiet recording studio even in this busy city and the basis for the nice, clean sound I feel proud to deliver.

The Rode NT1 Microphone is compatible with my voice. I use it along with a Focusrite Scarlett preamp. As for my DAW, Protools is my preference. I can punch and roll or straight record to deliver clean, professional WAV files. I also have Source Connect, a must for today's competitive home studio.


Home Studio

Contact Me

Thank you for browsing the website. For bookings, queries and availability information please email 

For samples of other genres including Historical Fiction, Thriller, Literary Fiction and Non Fiction as well as On camera reels please visit

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